Review of Scott Weidensaul’s ‘The First Frontier’

Book: “The First Frontier: The Forgotten History of Struggle, Savagery, and Endurance in Early America”

Author: Scott Weidensaul

In the American consciousness, we don’t think of the Wild East like we do the Wild West.

Pennsylvania writer Scott Weidensaul seeks to change this perspective in his book, “The First Frontier: The Forgotten History of Struggle, Savagery, & Endurance in Early America.”

Detailed and richly researched, the book brings alive the clash for control of this beautiful, vast land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains. This majestic area was, in fact, the first American frontier.

More than chronicling the battles and treaties between American Indians and Europeans, Weidensaul looks deeply at the complex range of geographic, economic, social, cultural and military variables involved.

A celebrated naturalist and field researcher, Weidensaul is author of more than two dozen books on natural history, including the Pulitzer Prize finalist “Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds.” He is the ideal guide for this enlightening walk through the woods, fields and swamps from Maine to Florida.

A powerful storyteller, Weidensaul peels back the years, revealing the complicated human stories of this intriguing era.