State College comedian Joe Machi stays in top seven on ‘Last Comic Standing’

State College native Joe Machi is now competing with seven remaining contestants on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”
State College native Joe Machi is now competing with seven remaining contestants on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Photo provided

After excelling in standup and sketch comedy performances, State College native Joe Machi faced his biggest challenge yet on this week’s round of “Last Comic Standing.”

In recent episodes of NBC’s reality competition, Machi impressed the judges with his unique comedic style so much that he gained temporary immunity and advanced to the top eight, down from an original pool of 100 comedians. This week’s episode tasked Machi and the remaining comedians with competing for a spot on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“Who feels they’re ready for the big time?” asked host JB Smoove at the start of the challenge. Machi raised his hand and shook his head.

During a preliminary interview for the talk show, Machi told jokes about a sarcastic hostage negotiator and about how he comes up with a new invention every morning.

“It was just a different energy. I was like ‘Who is this guy?’ ” said actress and guest mentor Wanda Sykes about Machi’s interview.

“I get nervous. I haven’t been sleeping well. I haven’t been eating. So I feel a little loopy, and when I’m loopy, I get silly and quick,” Machi explained. Sykes suggested he take a nap before doing anything else.

Only the three comedians who gave the best phone interview were chosen to appear on Degeneres’ show, and Machi wasn’t one of them. But that didn’t mean he was out of the competition.

The comedians had to vote on who they thought should be eliminated. Everyone, except Rod Man, winner of the Degeners challenge, was in danger.

Lachlan Patterson and D.C. Benney were chosen for elimination. Both comedians had a chance to save themselves by telling jokes in front of the judges, and Benney was ultimately chosen to be sent home.

Machi survived another week and is now a member of the top seven. He will certainly need his rest, though. Next week’s episode pits the competitors against each other in an improvisational comedy battle with guest Howie Mandel.