The Hip Abduction: ‘We’re going to rage’

The Hip Abduction will open a show for Passafire on Nov. 16 at the State Theatre.
The Hip Abduction will open a show for Passafire on Nov. 16 at the State Theatre. Photo provided

“I heard of that phrase in some sort of science class, or maybe a late night infomercial, and I always thought it’d be a great name for band” said David New, vocalist/guitarist of The Hip Abduction in reference to the band’s name. “I fiddled with the guitar when I was younger, probably 18 or 19, and that phrase has always stuck with me.”

Beyond an interesting title, The Hip Abduction blends multiple genres with reggae to produce a unique sound and affirms its place as something atypical in a musical culture too often defined by monotony.

The rest of the band is filled out by bassist Chris Powers, saxist Dave Johnson, keyboardist Paul Chlapowski, percussionist/vocalist/kora player Pat Klemawesch and drummer/vocalist Matt Poynter. The band will finish up its tour of the northern East Coast on Nov. 16 at the State Theatre, also the band’s first visit to Happy Valley.

“Everything you eat when you were younger forms some part of your body,” said New of The Hip Abduction’s sound. “As I started writing, I listened to a lot of South African (music), afropop, west African Blues, the list goes on.”

The Hip Abduction has seen success far outside its native Florida, having played shows with greats like Matisyahu, Thievery Corporation and Ziggy Marley. The group’s self-titled album debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Reggae charts and No. 2 on the iTunes charts.

“We’ve been listening to a lot of reggae (from) Africa, New Zealand and some older Jamaican artists,” added New. Lately, we’ve also been listening to indie rock and synth pop. The new album is probably going to shape up to be quite different from the last one.”

When asked what fans could expect at the Sunday night show, New replied, “Rage. We’re going to rage. It’s going to be our last night on this run, and it’s going to be fun. The last night, especially Sundays, we always try to play couple new songs and get a little weird.”

“We try to make people feel like they’re in a special place somewhere,” New said. “Hopefully on an island with some white sands.”