Arts Crawl keeps moving

Photo provided

Real artistry is difficult to define — but Students Organizing the Multiple Arts are covering all of their bases.

During the past few years, Penn State’s annual Arts Crawl has focused primarily on musical acts like Tobacco and the other 30 bands that will occupy the stage during Friday night’s event.

This year, emphasis is being placed back on the visual arts, with samplings from on campus student organizations like the sculpture, clay and ceramics clubs.

“It should be kind of an eclectic event,” Arts Crawl chairman Jacob Ludwig said.

Festivities will begin at 5 p.m. in the North Campus Arts Buildings.

According to Ludwig, the idea was to create an environment that encourages people to move around.

Two to four bands will be playing at any given time, including local State College groups like Casino Smoker and Crater and the Catalyst.

“There’s been a very large budding music scene in State College,” Ludwig said.

The music will provide a backdrop for the event’s visual component.

Ludwig praised the work that the different clubs and student organizations put into creating this year’s Arts Crawl, which he said will be among the biggest that SOMA has sponsored.

Visitors will have the opportunity to peruse art galleries, have caricatures drawn and even engage in a sculpt-off competition hosted by the clay club.

Ludwig hopes Arts Crawl will help people gain a much broader perspective on the arts at Penn State.

“I would want them to walk away having garnered a greater appreciation for Penn State’s art scene as a whole,” Ludwig said.