5 Weekender questions with Chris Rattie

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Chris Rattie of Chris Rattie & The Brush Valley Rumblers recently answered 5 Weekender questions about his band and its evolving sound.

Q: How long have you been playing?

A: For a very long time, but not as long as some people.

Q: How do you describe your sound?

A: Our sound is hopefully always evolving. My first record, “All These Things,” is kind of dark, noir-esque, rock ’n’ roll for the most part. Lots of reverb and delay, kind of spacey at times, maybe a pinch of psychedelia here and there. For the new record I might try to bring things back to earth a bit. The new songs lend themselves to that. I’d like to make it more about the songs and the lyrics, back to simplicity. We’ll see.

Q: Which musician — alive or dead — do you most wish you could share the stage with?

A: I am lucky enough, or have been at it long enough, to have already shared the stage with some great people. I’ve played with Steve Earle, with Ryan Bingham, some really talented players ... This may be stretching the question, but Lucinda Williams walked into Zeno’s when I was playing there a few weeks back — now that was crazy! She’s one of my favorites, so to sing my songs in front of her ... I’m still trying to figure out if it actually happened!

Q: What’s your favorite song to play live?

A: Because I have no attention span, my favorite song to play live is usually whatever song the band and I have most recently put together. So for right now, it’s a new song I wrote called “Good for Nothing.” It’s kind of autobiographical.

Q: Where can people hear your music?

A: You can hear us on our website, www.chrisrattie.com, or Facebook, www.facebook.com/chrisrattie. You can order our album “All These Things” through our website or download it from iTunes. You can listen to us on Spotify, too. I think they send us a nickel or something for every 4 million plays, something like that.