'Survivor' analysis island: Didn't the last season just end?

Didn't the last season just end? Well we're back with 19 people (one person quit before filming began), an island, silly challenges, and more backstabbing than a pre-teen beauty contest.The show began with a promising start when they said Fiji was once known for cannibalism. Sadly, they probably won't resort to that. It would definitely spice things up.

Instead of dumping them with no supplies and immediately splitting them up, they let all of them work together to build a pretty nice base camp, complete with a kitchen and an outhouse. When a leader emerged in the form of Sylvia, they had her split the group into two tribes (Ravu and Moto) and sent her packing to Exile Island.

This season Exile Island is populated with highly venomous sea snakes, or sea kraits. What they don't tell you is that this one of the most docile snakes in the world and has such a small mouth that it could only bite your pinky. So that's not much of a threat.

There are so many players that it's hard to pick any out. Yau Man is pretty cool just because he knows how to do things like open coconuts. Rocky and Dreamz have already made names for themselves by being very annoying. At least to the viewer.

The first immunity challenge was as convoluted as ever. Several steps just difficult enough to keep it interesting, but not dangerous. So there's always a chance that anybody could win. This time the winners kept the camp and the losers had to build a new camp before voting somebody off.

Jessica is the first to go. Too bad, she was cute.