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Global warming and a Penn State shoutout: Letters to the editor

Penn State defensive end Shaka Toney tries to push around an Appalachian State lineman to get to their quarterback during the Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018 game at Beaver Stadium.
Penn State defensive end Shaka Toney tries to push around an Appalachian State lineman to get to their quarterback during the Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018 game at Beaver Stadium.

‘We need new leadership’

Adding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere warms the surface of our planet. That’s scientific fact, affirmed by every major scientific body in the U.S. and around the world that has weighed in on the matter.

We have been conducting an unprecedented, uncontrolled experiment with the one planet we know can support life. We have added massive amounts of carbon dioxide to the air through fossil fuel burning and other human activities, and we continue to do so.

The predictions we made decades ago -- warming atmosphere and oceans, melting of glaciers and ice sheets, rising sea levels, and more extreme weather events — are sadly coming true. We must stop this experiment if we care about a livable future for our children and grandchildren.

We must transition away from the burning of fossil fuels to renewable energy. And we need the political leadership and courage to make that happen.

Representative Tom Marino denies the irrefutable science behind climate change and has blocked policies that would have us join the rest of the world in acting on climate change. He is representing the fossil fuel interests rather than our interests.

We need new leadership in Congress. We need a politician who will accept what science has to say about the threats we face and will support common-sense policies for dealing with those threats. We have in Marc Friedenberg just such an individual and this November we have an opportunity to elect him to Congress. - Michael Mann, Boalsburg, PA

‘The earth’s temperature will continue to increase’

A CDT letter, 8/28/ 2018, is correct in condemning Trump’s reducing the automobile regulations on fuel consumption, but not correct in stating that the rest of the world is going full speed ahead transitioning to a low-carbon economy. For example, China is burning more coal than the rest of the world and continues to add additional burning of coal, increasing the production of greenhouse gas.

China is adding six large nuclear power plants every year, slowing down but not stopping their increase in burning coal. Nuclear power does not produce greenhouse gases. India is next in the amount of coal it is burning and plans to increase their coal burning even though India is adding many nuclear power plants. Germany is replacing their nuclear power with Russian natural gas and lignite (dirty coal).

Burning natural gas produces 50% as much greenhouse gas as coal. In addition, natural gas (methane) is 30 times more powerful in producing global warming than carbon dioxide and because of leaks in the production and transporting of methane, natural gas can be more effective in increasing global warming than coal; Germany is increasing its production of greenhouse gas.

The U.S. will close down almost all nuclear plants by 2050 replacing them with natural gas. The world is increasing the use of coal, natural gas, and oil because they are cheap and convenient to use so that the earth’s temperature will continue to increase. This will not change until the world’s nations agree to reduce it. - Sam Levine, State College, PA

‘Class personified’

What a fine football game! As a 1979 graduate of App. State I’ve experienced many highs and lows. Follow my team closely and am proud we offered a bit of competition for the Lions. What a class act is Penn State. An honorable institution. So kind and respectful! You’ve won another admirer! Class personified! Thank you!!! - William Warlick, Jr., Lincolnton, NC