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Nanes is change, becoming a Trump fan, and more: letters to the editor

‘Changing times’

For 41 years, people in the 34th have had a Corman as their State Senator. Jake was 14 when his father first won. Jacob the elder passed the safely gerrymandered seat to his son in 1999.

Not having to worry about re-election has left Jake free to champion tax cuts for the wealthy that saddled district schools and universities with punishing austerity budgets. As Senate Majority leader, he has used his power to defend the interests of the GOP party machine. Yet a lot has changed since 1977.

Family farmers and small businesses that once flourished in the 34th now struggle to compete on playing fields tilted to benefit huge corporations by party politics. Shouldn’t we have a Senator who fits the changing times? For the first time in forever, a Corman has a challenger: Ezra Nanes. In town halls and door-to-door, Ezra Nanes has been talking with constituents all over the district. People are responding to his vision.

As someone with experience outside politics, Nanes knows that a world driven by technology and information requires new approaches that harness the power of smart government to help small businesses. Nanes knows that today’s good jobs require quality education, so local schools and universities need the resources to deliver it. Nanes knows that investing in things like internet broadband can help people and businesses ... thrive no matter where they live. On November 6th, voters in the 34th finally have a choice. Let’s choose Ezra Nanes. - Matt Jordan, State College, PA

GOP ‘expectations’

I am considering attending a Trump campaign rally and possibly even becoming a member of the GOP. But I do have a few questions about what will be expected of me other than buying and wearing a MAGA hat.

At a rally will I be expected to applaud when the President accuses immigrants of being criminals and a threat to all real Americans, makes fun of the handicapped, calls people demeaning names, says the press is the enemy of the people, belittles victims of sexual abuse, and promotes social unrest?

Will I be expected to watch Fox News exclusively and believe everything Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity say? Will I have to believe all of the President’s statements even when it is obvious his claims are at odds with reality? Will I have to deny climate change even when most of the world believes it is real?

Will I be expected to work for voter suppression? Will I have to believe it is okay for Republicans to increase the national debt, but not the Democrats? Will I have to believe tariffs are now good even though very recently the GOP had been for free trade? These are just a few of the questions I have prior to becoming a member of the Grand Old Party. - John Casey, State College, PA


Hooray for the Pa. State Police’s handling of the inebriated, unruly and obnoxious crowd during the pregame tailgating activities. In a time long forgotten, people complied with authority (parental/constabulary) and society was the better for it. No meant no, period!

The individual who hit the officer’s horse in the butt prior to the chopper flyover is very lucky he wasn’t kicked all the way to Seattle. Sadly, it took a low pass by the police chopper to get the hooligans’ attention, but maybe they’ve belatedly learned the meaning of “no.” If not, bring on the choppers! - Karl Striedieck Port Matilda