Good Life

Joe Pa The Hero Of Penn State

There is a man at Penn State

Joe Paterno is his name

I think that he deserves a place

In the football hall of fame

He is not a lineman or a quaterback

He don't even play the game

But everywhere around the U.S.A.

People recognize his name

In sleet and snow,ice and rain

He's walked the sidelines over 50 years

And each time, he walks on the field

He receives a million cheers

He's the coach of the Nittany Lions

The Penn State football team

Everytime they score a touchdown

In his eyes you'll see a gleam

When he wins, it's with modesty

He's doesn't put the other team down

When he loses, it's with dignity

You never see him frown

He's what Penn State pride is all about

We are proud of all he's done

He's taken his team to the Rose Bowl

And many times to number one

I hope he's around for many more years

Because if he should ever decide to go

In the hearts of the Penn State football fans

There will never be another Joe