Good Life

When your heart is in turmoil

When your heart is in turmoil

And it makes you wonder

How deep are your roots set in the soil?

As your inner thoughts begin to wander

Life is a continuous changing evolution

Always running to keep one step ahead

It always requires some form of action

Sometimes it is never clear cut, but instead

It shakes our foundation, at times jolting what we believe

We have to rethink what we’ve been taught

To obtain a higher level in what we need to achieve

Sometimes fighting the good fight, conquerors for what we fought

As you realize it’s no longer for you alone

Occasionally, we stand lost on the ledge

In those moments you can see how much you’ve grown

When we feel that tug from someone pulling us back from the edge

Your life began as one, but someday you’ll give your heart

As you work to build a healthy relationship with someone special

Intertwining two lives together as one, feeling the ache when apart

Like watching the making of glass, the creation is always fragile

Running the gauntlet of emotions, it can make your heart sing and ache

It turns your life upside down, time is of the essence

Emotions come on so strong, reminding you they are not fake

Having to find a way to make it steady, yes find the balance

Always remember to stay true to who you are deep inside

You can’t please everyone, but you can make yourself content

Let your conscious be your guide

Live in the moment, Live in peace, not torment

Life is too short; we are not guaranteed tomorrow

Remember your family, your friends and even those that offend

Say what is in your heart today; don’t let it build in sorrow

That’s when you’ll feel free and of this earth and you’ll transcend