Good Life

When you walk that road

When you walk that road

and the journey becomes filled with a pebble, a stone, a rock

You stumble and fall under the load

Sitting there in the middle of the road in complete and utter shock

You wonder where you'll find the strength to begin anew

Look up; Can you see it? The hand reaching down to you

Gently it draws you to your feet - powerful emotions never too few

That hand steadies you; comforts you; a shoulder offered for you

That hand leads you; one foot in front of the other

A slow, steady pace it helps you to walk steady

It gives you room to breathe; it does not smother

It takes you out of the rain; into the sun when you are ready

Always remember and never forget the ones that are here

Offering silent prayers, words of encouragement, a steady hand

Turn to them when you are tired, afraid and in fear

Let us fortify you; Let us stand with you and band

Our love for you is obvious to be seen

Here for you in the good times and the bad

Don't ever be afraid upon us to lean

To do this small thing for you only makes us glad