Good Life

In Loving Memory of Shawn


July 3, 1974 - December 18, 2005

My Tribute to You

Why were you taken from us so soon

it makes no sense to me,

You had music to make and smiles to cause

so many sights to see.

You touched the lives of many - morethan you could ever know,

I don’t understand - I ask each day

why did you have to go?

My phone still rings but it isn’t you

with something funny to share,

I check my email everyday -

no message from you there.

My front door opens —

someone comes walking through,

It breaks my heart knowing it

will never again be you.

At the game night table

forever will sit an empty chair,

No more endless nights of

Risk or Clue or Truth or Dare.

Never again will we share the

laughter that made us cry,

Over something so silly

others would never understand why.

No more Shawn stories - told

in the way only you could tell,

From dot,dot,dot to Pessi,

to the day your pants fell.

You were three the time I called from

South Carolina just to talk to you,

You wanted me to take you to Donalds

said “when I come home - we’ll do.”

You cried and cried - you thought I

was coming that very day,

Your mom and dad tried to explain but

you didn’t want to hear what they had to say.

I felt so bad for making you cry

a few days later in I flew,

And off to “Donalds” we went

just me and you.

Wrapped right around your little finger

is where you’ve always had me,

And there is no other place on earth

that I would rather be.

Later you were fascinated by

the 900 numbers on tv,

You could talk to Hulk Hogan and others

you thought you could see.

Didnt take you long to figure out

that was a great big NO,

By the time your mother was done

you were laying low.

You and mother are together again

along with grandma, mammy and pap,

Without a doubt your pushing buttons -

flipping switches - stealing pap’s cap.

The year you won the states

You proved to all what you could do,

When we got the call you beat Chiz

damn we were proud of you.

I will never forget that day at Dorney

when like an lady of the opera you sang,

The audience stood with open mouth

through the crowd your voice rang.

Unbelievable, amazing, how did he do that

they were all impressed,

We all just smiled - we always knew -

you could conquer any quest.

You were the first in the family

off to college to get a degree,

Again proud we were knowing

you would be all you could be.

Your God given musical talent

was something very rare,

You worked hard - you were the best

none will ever compare.

You unselfishly shared your knowledge

always willing to guide and teach,

Bringing out the ability in many

that they thought they couldn’t reach.

You left footprints on the hearts of

the many people you knew,

With your quick wit and jokes -

or just by being you.

Not only were you a talented musician

but a very special person as well,

You loved life, laughter, fun and games

and some things I can’t tell.

As this is being read

I can see that gleam in your eyes,

I can see that impish grin

Hear your laughter from the skies.

Your looking down and saying

“Stop crying - shed not another tear”

“ I am going to take a minute

to tell you why I’m here.”

“God needed a trumpet player -

to complete his heavenly band,”

“He knew that I would be willing

to lend a helping hand.”

“He said he had been searching

for the best of the best,”

“I was the chosen one

for I passed His every test.”

“When you softly feel the music

floating in the air,”

“Or hear the whistle of the train,

know that I am there.”

“I will be with you always

I cannot leave your heart,”

“Think of me and smile

and we’ll never be apart.”