Good Life


Sometimes in the quiet, stillness of your mind

The memories, good and bad, do you sometimes find?

The tears will fall uncalled and unbidden

They come from your heart unhidden

Tears are good as they cleanse and heal

Feelings that emerge, oh what they reveal

Can you feel their magnetized power?

Like the needed rain in a summertime shower

You can feel it as it energizes your soul

It pulls the pieces back together and makes you whole

Your spirit strong as an entrenched soldier

Keeping you in touch, don't be a stranger

The sun will come out and shine in its luminescence

Giving you the substance you need to go the distance

Another day we are given to accomplish our mission

Sometimes you can see it with such acute vision

Some days it is hidden, concealed from our eyes

We have to take it all - life's lows and life's highs

Each one of life's experiences make us stronger

It gives us a taste and makes us hunger

Don't be afraid, stand strong and look forward

You lit the fire and thanks to you it smoldered

Watch it as the sparks begin to flame

It is your time to rise up and to stake your claim