Good Life

The Secret to Life

The secret to happiness in our lives

What really gives us our motives?

Is it the money we strive to make?

If it is, I believe that is a mistake

Is our happiness found in our work?

Ah, but sometimes those duties we shirk

Perhaps it is found in our daily routine

I think this may be just a smoke screen

What do you do when you just can't find what you're looking for?

Your heart and your soul yearn for so much more

Can we ever really learn to live one day at a time?

Always looking ahead sometimes with no reason, no rhyme

Look around; with what are you surrounded?

Have you been clearly seeing the whole picture or have you been blinded?

Maybe the simple secret to life is living with what each day brings to us

To make the most of what we are given, a gift of rareness

We each are unique in our spirit, in our heart, in our desire

Always remember to keep your passion, your zest, your fire

Encompass every day, show your love, don't be afraid

It's not in winning the game, but how you played

Never be afraid to say I love you, to go for what you imagine

It will not weaken your spirit, it will only strengthen

The secret to life, like finding that elusive four leaf clover

So much like the cloud we know is made of silver

The depth of a heart knows no bounds

Live in the moment, the love that surrounds

Hold it close, hold it tight

Never, ever give up the fight