Good Life

Life’s Moments

Feeling restless, emotionally bare

Not really here...not really there...

Sitting in this place with a blank stare

Not really sure where I am, but I care

Not really lost...but not found

It's not loud, but I hear a sound

A beat of a heart set free, not bound

It's meaning so deep, it's profound

A search to explain the things we don't understand

Things happen in our life that are not planned

We either crumble under the pressure, or strong we stand

Don't be afraid to hold out a steady, reassuring hand

Most important things in life are what we treasure

Sometimes much to busy, we forget our moments of leisure

Always in a hurry to stop and enjoy life's pleasure

We must remember to balance, count, and measure

When this life throws us an unexpected turn

Evidenced by our growing concern

For happier, carefree days we yearn

Do we even remember all the lessons we learn?