Good Life


Feelings that flutter inside your heart

Stirring into a strong echo with every beat

Why do we feel emotion so deep in our soul

So overwhelming we are unable to console

At first it's extraordinary and then it begins to ache

You think it would be easier to have it over for your sake

You feel tossed to and fro like a wave upon a beach

Your defenses, like the grains of sand washed away, you feel the breach

You search for an understanding, a reason to why this has transformed

'Tis the same reason the bees to the honey have swarmed

It tastes sweet upon your tongue

It feels good to feel so innocent and young

Sometimes the sting brings a tear to your eye

And you can't help but asking over and over - why?

If everything in life has a time and a season

I think you may have found a very profound reason

Feelings - like the gentle flitter of a butterfly wing

Mystifies, but yet it can make your spirit sing

Like the colors of a rainbow after the rain

Let the tears come and heal the pain