Good Life

Please Keep Me Alive

When a problem in my DNA forces me into

desperate times of overwhelming hoplessness,

The touch of small furry bodies so greatly

comforts me.

When migraine's excruciating pain leads

me to the obsessive idea that nothingness

might be better than this,

A quiet, gentle purr, gives me a loving

hedge against the seeming bleakness.

When winter blues and short, dark icy

days take me down to an inky,

chilling midnight where I do not

want to be,

Two trusting brown eyes and a wagging

tail guide me on walks up to a more

lasting warm and joyful light.

When to be or not to be becomes not

just a question, but my stark


I am very grateful for the many little

loves that have always kept

me alive.

—Turane copyright 2004