Good Life


The seasons awake

With Spring coming first

A beautiful time

For which many do thirst

Colors are sprouting

With a jump of joy

This time is loved

As the seasons special toy

Then summer blooms

With crickets at night

Ice cream and laughing

With schedules quite tight

Many enjoy the bountiful wonders

That stretch far and low

As on Summer thunders

Now next there is fall

With its bright Autumn colors

With leaves falling slowly

They are the ground’s cover

Fall is when the seasons yawn

Happily though true

When all the trees and plants go bare

And slowly lose its hue

So now arrives winter

With soft falling snow

Christmas is coming

We all do well know

But enjoy every crystal

Of the every snow flake

Because soon enough this season will break

But for know they are sleeping

The seasons at rest

With this round of beauty

Always done best