Good Life


To us, it’s just a piece of bread.

To the seagulls, it’s delight.

For them, “success” is to be fed

while in stationary flight

They hover motionless in flight.

They “sing” a squawk quite shrilling.

To watch them catch each little bite

we throw is truly thrilling.

Although they screech and peck and bluff,

it never seems to matter,

for somehow each one gets enough.

They all keep getting fatter.

We never see them have a war.

They’re not intent on killing.

They each know what they’re hoping for,

and to wait their turn, they’re willing.

I think that “Man” should take a cue

from the seagulls in the air.

With more respect from me to you,

you would, I’m sure, be fair.

If we’d stop this worldwide killing

and compete in fairer ways,

we’d find each one more willing,

and we’d all have better days.

While we’re screeching and we’re squawking,

let us never stop our talking.

Though we find remarks quite biting,

let us not resort to fighting.

Let’s compete more like the birds:

use no weapons, only words.

Let’s accentuate our sameness.

Try to hold each other blameless.

Let’s try sharing. Let’s try giving.

“Stead of killing, let’s try living.

Since it’s never all fair weather,

Let’s learn from these birds of feather.

Since it’s never all fair weather,

can’t we learn to live together.