Good Life

October Whispers

It's a brisk October day.

I carry my purchases

across a busy parking lot.Engines and customers

loudly proclaim their presence.

I'm halted by a curious sound

captured and enthralled.

It presses against my ears

clamoring for attention.

It's a soughing sound

without rhythm or crescendo

crisp yet soft

bristling brittleness

rustling - like no sound

I ever heard.

Seeking the source

my eyes track

as my ears lead

in a circle

and up and down

eventually resting

on a hedgerow of tall trees

whose leaves are golden coins

sparkling in the sunshine

against a blue blue sky

whispering together -

nattering in stubborn defiance

against the stiff wind

that would strip them

from their summer sanctuary.

The deaf world

ignoring the clarion call

continues its dumb numb preoccupation.