Good Life

Star Light

I think the star of Bethlehem

is shining still today.

I think that we could see it if it weren't so far away.

I wonder if it still recalls

a night so filled with awe.

Could it send a message earthward

and tell us what it saw?

"It was a darkling, sparkling night,

I looked down on the earth. They didn't know what I knew

about the coming birth.

"I moved along and soon I saw

a good man and a maid. They had no place to lodge this night

but they were unafraid. Their faith was in a promise

by God, Jehovah, made.

"And as I watched the stable

where they finally had to stay -

I soon beheld the Baby

in the manger where he lay.

"My bosom swelled, I could not speak!

What method could I use?

How could I tell the world below

my most amazing news?

"My only resource was my light.

And that I did employ

bringing watchful shepherds

and wise men to the Boy.

"And if my brilliance dazzles you

you're not the first or last, to come and find the Saviour through the light that has been cast."