Good Life

Ah, the Summer Senses

A whiff of new mown hay wafting across a summer day;

The “essence of cow” oozing between my toes as I mosey on my way.

The sweet smell of walnut trees flanking the old barn bridge;

The gooey feel of mud pies in a rain-drenched ditch.

The sight of a white feathered angel flying high in our hay mow –

‘Twas a barn owl feasting on mice, and how!

The smell of good earth as I walk barefoot over plowed soil;

Mother’s homemade soups come to a boil.

The smell of Dad’s sweat after a day in the fields;

The bounty of the harvest and its blessed yield.

Memorizing Psalm 24, come down from Above –

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof . . .”

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

This Galatians 6 wisdom taught me a heap.

The bouquet of chicken over a barbeque pit;

A taste of fresh peaches over ice cream – now that’s it!

The fragrance of wild flowers along the lane;

The stink of skunk beneath my window pane.

The stench from dead animals on the road;

Perfume reeking across pews – my olfactory shouts, “Overload!”

The smell of a new leather baseball glove;

The aroma of a candlelight meal with the one I love.

A slow drive through the summer night air,

In my top-down convertible with my love so fair.

Slowly inhale and exhale in rhythm like a country church bell;

The summers of long ago – I remember them well.