Good Life

I Am The Keeper

Sometimes a book sits on a shelf

though it should be thrown away.

Sometimes a movie

or a phrase

or an attitude

lingers in our home a little too long.

Or, rather,

sometimes a wall remains blank

though it should be beautified.

Sometimes a gift remains ungiven

a smile, unsmiled

a lesson, untaught,

a song, unsung in our house too long.

These are the details I notice.

These are the "to do's" on my post-it notes.

This is my career. My lifestyle. My goal.

This is why I pour my life into our home:

to notice the little things -

and the big things -

that come in,

and go out.

Like a bouncer, editer, manager, auditor, sanctifier, teacher, artist,cook, composer...

I box up the trash.

Send out what is meaningless, useless, wasteful.

I refuse entry to the thieves, the noise, the junk,

And say, "no" to things that might waste our vapor.

Ah, but I also keep the treasures.

I look for flashes of true beauty and tug, pull, stretch it out - toshare it.

Gather the good - no, the best - and set it on our shelves, dinnerplates, and ear drums.

Every ounce of muscle, insight, and passion is required to Keep ourhome.

No one else has been - or will be - asked to do this job within theseprecious walls.

It is on my shoulders, in my eyes, within my spirit.

And I gladly do it.

For God himself is happy then. And we are kept happy in Him.