Good Life

Stop Complaining

So you're complainin',you've got some problems

And you're sayin' your life aint so great,

You've worked every day for the past twenty years

at a job you've been startin' to hate.

Your car just decided to breakdown

and is in need of some major repairs

You think you're the only one with hardships

so you angrily cry out in dispair.

Your paycheck is less than you planned on

and you must tell your wife the bad news

You're thinkin' that you'd just like to give up

'cause you feel you've got nothin' to lose.

You're not all alone,many struggle

there are others going through hard times ,too.

In fact there are some in your own neighborhood

facing circumstances much worse than you!

You may be unhappy in your workplace

And those eight hour days may seem bleak

But did you know that your neighbor with four kids

lost his job to cutbacks last week.

Are you and your family all healthy?

Great,cause your co-workers son has got cancer.

Do you still feel the need to curse and complain?

I'll give you some time for an answer.

Why can't you see how much you are blest

with a home,happy kids,loving wife.

It's your wants you don't like going without

stop complainin' and start appreciatin' your life.

God will take care of the needs for your life

You are blest but you seem to ignor

All those gifts you've been taking for granted

for in greed, you keep wanting more!

Your life is as gift you've been given

What you do with that gift is your choice.

You can complain or you can be thankful

and for all of your blessings rejoice.