Good Life


A hero doesn't have to be tall,

Heroes come in many sizes, some are big and some are small.

A heroes' heart beats just like yours and mine,

But in times of trouble . . it's heroes and their hearts' that really shine.

A hero doesn't have to go to war.

He's the father or the mother living right next door,

The person who cleans the office and mops the floor,

Or the one who brings the mail each day . . right to our door.

Heroes sit in wheelchairs, they're on "chemo," their smiles belie.

They show their quiet courage . . by the way they live . . and how they die.

They'll give their lives for their beliefs . . and yours too.

Anyone might be a hero . . and guess what? So might you.

The thing that makes a hero is that they give . . and they give.

And what heroes have in common is . . .

That our lives are so much better . . because they have lived.