Good Life

The Dead End Job

At the keyboard, staring blankly,

Nothing urgent, nothing to do.

Time is creeping, feel like sleeping,

Can’t do nothing, nothing to do.

Open a file, stare awhile,

Try another, nothing to do.

Go for coffee, nothing there,

Sort the paperclips, adjust my chair.

Endless nothing, nothing to do.

Boss comes asking, multi-tasking,

One half sleeping, one half there

Back to the keyboard, blankly staring,

Almost lunchtime, nothing to do.

Fighting sleep the afternoon creeps.

Phone won’t ring, nothing to do.

Write a memo, plan a meeting

Check my numbers, send birthday greetings.

Plan a project, on-line training,

Google “happiness”; I’m not there

Not asleep, but only barely

Colleague’s story, blankly staring.

Time is slowing, no one knowing.

I’m not really anywhere.

Never striving, never arriving

I’m not going anywhere.