Good Life

Another Work Day!

Another day and I'm off to work, to be used, abused, stretched and jerked.

My tongues all tied thinking of my speech, at 9:00, Oh! I forgot my brief.

The gas tank is low, I can't go back, I'll have to rely on this old memory pack.

That's called my brain, but now is numb, I'm going to freeze and feell so dumb.

The boss will stare like he's in a trance, while I'm shaking and doing a dance.

The parking lot is full sow where can I park? oout in the field and walk till dark.

I'll sneak a visitor's slot and hope and pray, I don't get caught and have to pay.

I'ts almost eight I'm gonna be late, there's reason to worry and no time wait.

The elevator's full I've got to walk, five whole flights to my doom at the top.

Everyday it's the same full of dread, I gotta get up and out of bed.

I just pushed my time card at 8:01, now the real rat race has just begun.

What was my speech now let me see, I'll probably faint and fall on my knees.

They wouldn't pity or comfort me, I may as well do it and just let it be.

Here I am crunched in this big room, with all eyes upon me, Oh, I'm doomed.

I'll just spit it out and go sit down, before they can roasst me another round.

What's that I hear, is it applause?, a standing ovation! Praise Be To God!!

He never fails me or let's me down, when I forget and wear a frown.

And forget to take the time to pray, to master the burdens of each working day.

What's this? A raise for doing so well, Jesus did it again so I'd witness and tell.

That the lord has a plan for every day, no matter how rough it gets along the way.

Don't give up, press on, move ahead, there's lots of challenges out of bed!