Good Life

The Grange Fair

I love to camp at The Grange Fair,

A problem is I can’t shampoo my hair,

The fun I have is so rewarding,

It does not measure to snowboarding.

Move in day is very exciting,

When our tent is finished it’s very inviting.

For forty-three years this has been a family event,

Every night we sleep in the big green tent,

Bunks, sleeping bags, futons, roll-away beds,

Is where we place our sleepy heads,

Every morning we go back home,

To shower, dress then back to the fair we go to roam.

Some mornings I must rise at five,

To help my scout troop earn money to thrive,

We walk and clear the parking lots of trash,

Occasionally, I find a little cash.

We clean the parking lot, rain or shine,

But to support my troop, I tow the line,

I often get wet, tired and muddy,

To do this job requires no study.

Three generations of family are here to camp,

When it rains we often get damp,

The next day the sun will shine,

We get dry and then we are fine.

Many people sleep in different ways,

And some are lazy for all the days,

In our tent Dad’s snoring is an issue,

I’d like to fill his mouth with a tissue.

Friends and family stop to rest their bones,

If they are really tired we hear their moans,

Homemade cookies, coffee, soda and iced tea,

Get served to everyone even after three.

The amusement rides are very thrilling,

Depending on who I’m with they can be chilling,

I love to spend time at the arcade playing games,

I challenge friends and win, but won’t tell their names.

The food at the fair is always great,

I always, always fill my plate,

Every night our family has a bedtime treat,

We all get Sunset Ice Cream to eat.

The last day of the fair has come,

I march in the parade in step to the drum,

Candy is tossed by folks from the floats,

The parade may even include some boats.

Camping for ten days finally ends,

It’s time to say good-bye to these annual friends,

Taking everything back home on the truck,

Next year we’ll do it again with any luck.