Good Life

Story of a Drunk Driver

As I left the party,late that night

My friends told me not to drive

In my intoxicated condition

I may not get home alive

As I smiled at them and waved good-bye

I slid behind the wheel

I was now a lethal weapon

Steering tons of deadly steel

I should have not been on the road

My mind got even fuzzier

The further that I drove

I didn't see the young girl's car

As I came upon the curve

I only heard an awful crash

And my car began to swerve

As her car rolled down the embankment

There was a blinding flash

I could hear the metal twisting

And the sound of breaking glass

As I sat there semiconscious

Her car burst into flames

The girls were burnt so badly

The police didn't know their names

While they drove me to the station

To myself, I could not lie

I did not need to drink and drive

The girls did not need to die

As I sat there in my jail cell

My Dad walked into the room

His eyes were very teary

And his face was filled with gloom

He said I lost three kids tonight

As I lay sleeping in my bed

My son will be going to prison

And my two little girls are dead

I never will forgive myself

If I live a million year

For the night I killed my sisters

Over one too many beers