Good Life

The Church of my Childhood

What happened to the church,I loved ?

That I attended as a youth

It has broken windows,faded paint

Shingles missing from it's roof

It's Sunday bell no longer rings

The choir,you can no longer hear

The weeds have grown around it

No one has entered it in years

The Church of my Childhood

It once was painted brilliant white

Stained glass windows sparkeled in the sun

Each Sunday,there to worship

The whole neighborhood would come

The air was filled with music

As the choir would sweetly sing

And every Sunday morning

That magnificent bell would ring

The church that was so beautiful

With flowers in the yard

Is now a dilapidated building

With a landscape that is scared

As the older people passed away

The young no longer came

The place of beauty,once filled with love

Is a deteriorating frame

Now the rusty bell is silent

No more music fills the air

There's no more sings of worship and love

Only memories, linger there

As my mind returns to years gone by

I just close my eyes & sob

All the people have abandoned

My childhood House of God