Good Life

Autumn in Pennsylvania

As summer slowly fades away

A crisp chill fills the air

The daylight hours become shorter

Colored leaves are everywhere

Flocks of birds are migrating toward the south

To escape the oncoming cold

And the maple tree outside my window

Has turned to solid gold

The squirrels are frantically storing food

As the kids head back to school

We adorn our heavier wardrobes

As the weather turns quite cool

When the morning frost,whiten the ground

Summer flower hang their little heads

But the mums of crimson,purple,yellow and gold

Brighten up our flower beds

That blanket their yards of green

Bright orange pumpkins are sitting everywhere

Just waiting for Halloween

Fall festivals are all the rage

With cider and homemade food

and fall colored handmade arts and crafts

Help to set the autumn mood

The men are enjoying football games

And for hunting season,they preare

While women bake apple dumplings and pies

The smell of cinnamon fills the air

The brilliance of the colored mountains

Glowing in the afternoon sun

Is a beautiful natural picture

To be enjoyed by everyone

When all your winter preparations are finished

Get in your car and take a drive

To see the beauty of a Pennsylvania autumn

Soon winter will arrive