Good Life

Something to Think About

Remember the stranger who said hello,today

And you made no attempt to speak

The lady,you didn't help cross the busy street

Who looked old and frail and weak

The cashier at the grocery store

To whom you were arrogant and rude

The slow driver that made you angry

Your language was profane and lewd

The person of a different race

Whom you did not give a smile

The child that sat crying in the grass

You didn't comfort for awhile

The puppy with the wagging tail

Whom you screamed at ( GO AWAY)

The person you laughed at and ridiculed

Who was having a terrible day

The hungry man begging in the street

With your change,you would not share

The lady with the flat tire

For whom, you had no time to spare

The person struggling in the wheelchair

Which you didn't stop to help

All you really needed to share today

Was a little of yourself

Are we really to busy and rushed today?

With someone ,our help we can't share

Or have we gotten so cold hearted and selfish

For others,we no longer care

To be friendly ,kind and understanding

Helpful and courtious,may be wise

The one you rejected or mistreated today

May have been Jesus in desquise