Good Life

The Weekend

Today is finally Friday

The day I've waited for all week

I'm unchained from my alarm clock

Tomorrow morning I can sleep

The next two days belong to me

I can do what I want to do

I'm free to go anywhere I choose

Until the weekend is through

I can kick back in my recliner

And just sit there for an hour

No bosses looming over me

For two days I'm in power

If I want a cup of coffee

I don't need to wait for break

I don't need to finish in 15 minutes

It's up to me ,what time I take

I don't need to eat my lunch at 12 o'clock

I can eat anytime I choose

I don't need to gobble down my food

It's up to me how much time I use

I really do hate Sunday night

I know that clock will rule my body and soul

For the next five days of my short life

I'm no longer in control

But when Friday rolls around again

I'm happy as can be

When I punch that clock at 4:30

For two days again I am free