Good Life

Respect At Work

R is for respect

Something everyone deserves

No one should be treated badly with actions

Or by unkindly words

E is for equality

No one is better than anyone else

Try to treat your fellow workers

The way you'd like to be treated yourself

S is for silence

Unspoken nasty words

For all your insults and profanities

Have been already heard

P is for patience

Try to help someone if you can

By helping instead of degrading

Will make you a better woman or man

E is for enjoyment

We're all together eight hours a day

If we enjoy working together

Your job will be better in every way

C is for caring

Our workloads we can share

If someone needs a helping hand

Show them that you care

T is for truthfulness

If you know you've done something wrong

Don't put the blame on someone else

If on you,the fault belongs

A is for acceptance

Accept people for who they are

They don't need to live in a mansion

Or drive a fancy car

T is for tempers

Please keep them under control

To accept life's problems gracefully

Should be a personal goal

W is for willingness

With our bosses,a lot of time we spend

If you're willing to support them

They can also be your friend

O is for open-mined

To suggestions that are new

If you're open to try something else

It may work out well for you

R is for rumors

Don't spread them about others

They can destroy the lives and reputations

Of our sisters and our brothers

K is for kindness

For each good deed you do

For every kindness you give away

It will return to you