Good Life

America Will Survive Remembering 911

What happened on that fateful day

A sunny morning in September

Sights of horror filled our T.V screens

All Americans will always remember

As four planes left the runways

The highjackers carried out their plans

To kill the crew and pilots

And of the planes,then take command

New York's Twin Towers and the Pentagon

Were now their destinations

Death and destruction like America has never seen

Would occur at these locations

One plane crashed in Pennsylvania

No one knows where it was bound

All that was left were little pieces

And a black hole in the ground

Many innocent people died that day

Unknown the reason why

As buildings exploded and burst into flames

And black smoke filled the sky

American's hearts were heavy

And their eyes were filled with tears

Our country had been violated

Our minds were filled with uncertainty and fears

But with faith,love, prayers and time

America is still alive

Our flag still waves over our land

The U.S.A did survive