Good Life

As Day Turned Into Night

We all have images

still burned into our hearts,

of a day that started so beautiful

but it ended so dark.

That day minutes would turn into hours

and hours into days,

but after eight long years

feels as though it just happened yesterday.

They say"Time heals all wounds"

and we pray this is true,

for the pain remains strong

it's inside of me...and it's inside of you.

Each victim was a hero

the day their souls took flight,

the day the earth stood still

as day turned into night.

As the towers burned

and the planes fell from the sky,

an evil plan was set into motion

and the entire world wondered why?

We rose from the ashes

licked our wounds and looked around,

pulled together as a nation

that's what makes us all so proud.

For America remains united

She's still gracious and grand,

and as one nation under God

evil will never stand a chance.