Good Life

The Meaning of Love

“Love” is not a stagnant force,

It doesn’t merely stay

Exactly as it’s always been.

It changes every day.

“Love” is not a stagnant thing.

It won’t just “come” and “stay.”

It either grows each passing year

Or it ebbs; then fades away.

Most loves are so exciting

As the early years go by,

But if that’s all one’s love is based upon,

That love is sure to die.

“Excitement” stays, and “comfort” grows

In loves which bind and last.

Love can’t be rushed. It takes its time.

“Fine” things are not built fast.

“Real” loves that “grow” throughout the years

Are based on so much more.

One gives so little yet gains so much.

That’s what true love is for.

So give yourself all that you can,

And you’ll receive much more than you give.

You’ll then know what “true” love can mean

For as long as you both shall live.