Good Life

All Rhyme and Meter

I’m the kind of a poet who likes to write

In meter and in rhyme.

That doesn’t mean that all I write

Will sound the same each time.

Some words I’ll use are “little.”

Some words I’ll use are “long.”

Some words rhyme in the middle.

Some almost sound like a song.

My mind in verse does concentrate;

My kind of verse “passé.”

I find, in verse, I meditate

On thoughts I have each day.

I understand if this is not

What you would like to hear.

Hurt my feelings you will not.

Of this you needn’t fear.

But if you’re tired of reading prose

Without a rhyming word,

Then do read mine, for I suppose,

It’s the most rhyming verse you’ve heard.

Now that I’ve told you what I am

And the way I like to write,

If you still take time to read a bit,

May it give you some moments delight!