Good Life


Little kids love Halloween

They think trick or treat night is dandy

They get all dressed up and knock on doors

And get their bags filled up with candy

Costumes are an important part

Some take a lot of preparation

While some folks keep them simple

Others stretch their imagination

There are Halloween parties and parades

Which are fun for everyone

Usually,there are prizes given

To the most creative ones

Decorations are very popular too

Ghosts,goblins and black cats

Pumpkins carved with funny faces

Witches,dressed in black with big pointd hats

There are tours of haunted houses

That are guarenteed to give you a scare

There are spiders,skeltons,monsters and bats

Jumping out from everywhere

For the older ones,it's a mystical time

To fulfill their fantasies

For that one day,you can be anyone

Or anything, you want to be