Good Life


It is Autumn now - a spider’s web swings with the wind that scatters leaves across grass still alive and reaching for the sun.

Warm days shed light on pink petunias and geraniums still bearing new buds.

Perhaps my flowers are ignoring the threat of nights hung with harsh chill.

Instinctively they must know each new day may be their last beforeAutumn blasts into

Winter and they can no longer survive.

Like the flowers, my body, heart and soul know it is the Autumnof my life.

Suddenly I take more time to reflect through my window and observe nature’s show.

I listen more carefully to my heart and its urgingto make each new day special.

I, too, sense that it is time for change in my life -Time to be released from the past.

They seem scattered like the falling leaves.

I ponder - where are those little children who tuggedat my skirt, laughed, played - occupying all my time?

Did I pass on to those innocent spiritsanything of true knowing that still lingers in their hearts?

Change, like the seasons,

grants us moments to reflect -

It strangles us until we face ourselves and cry outto the universe for relief.

Often change give us a chance to throw awaythe heart’s baggage.

The leaves have hugged tightly to the trees throughoutthe seasons. It’s Autumn now -time for the leaves and I to change and be free.