Good Life

Halloween Time

The time of year has come again

When all our thought‚s‚r on Halloween

Be he foe or be he friend

Will be hold what sights to be seen

The nights are eery and cool

Just right for trick or treat

Remember Halloween‚s golden rule

Learn to trust those running feet

ŒCause ghosts and goblins are out there

Waiting to scare one and all

Showing off spooky eyes and hair

And even fingers that crawl

On the hill above the town

Is an old gloomy house

It really makes you cower down

As low as the littlest mouse

It‚s oh so very dark inside

With squeaky noises all around

There‚s lots of places one can hide

Unless you really wish to be found

The moon isn‚t quite full yet

Just bright enough to laugh at you

And smile and say you‚d better get

Before the ghosts all holler boo

Witches in black are flying high

With black cats right behind

If you look up in the sky

They play tricks with your mind

I guess its winding down now

Another year has come and gone

Sad pumpkins still left in the row

The little scary folks wave so long