Good Life

Remember Our Veterans

When I reflect back on the Vietnam War

and the young men who were sent there to fight.

I'm wondering how their basic training

could prepare them for their upcoming plight.

Still in their teens,they went into battle.

Their goal,to help each other survive.

To kill or be killed was their mission

If each were to get out of this 'hell' alive.

Because of the atrocities they had witnessed

their young minds would be scarred for life

As the soldiers who fought wars before them

They would struggle to overcome their strifes.

When these Honorably discharged soldiers

returned home, they were treated unfair.

Many were jeered by protesters with no clue

of what they they had already endured'over there'.

The ordeal these brave men had just gone through

would forever be engraved in their minds.

But more upsetting to them was the knowing

their own country would treat them so unkind.

Good to know that now, returning soldiers

are greeted by crowds and welcoming cheers.

Not wanting history to repeat itself

they are saluted by their Veteran peers.

Down through the years American soldiers

have fought and died to keep this land free.

our P.O.W.'s and those missing in action

give no closure to their families.

So if you know or converse with a Veteran

thank them for their willingness to serve.

Shake their hand and remember to give them

The recognition they so rightly deserve.

And should there be a parade in your town

to welcome back returning soldiers from war.

Wave the American Flag and go greet them

remember it's our freedoms they're fighin' for. Dedicated to my Husband "Skip" my brother-n-law, Linn McClincy and friend, Denny Jonstonbaugh, Vietnam Veterans