Good Life

Act three, scene two, line ten?

Hamlet — in one hour?

Is that possible?

but that‚s all the time

he would allow.

My pencil was sharpened

and ready to go.

We eyed each other

as a grey haired stranger

sat in the last row.

Who was he?

The prof's friend no doubt,

judging from the smiles

they offered each other.

Ten o‚clock — time to start

Be alert now

Let's see — Hamelt‚s age —

All soliloquies balance each other

Act One, scene three with Act Four, scene two

What lines?

Balance each other how?

A question — What was meant

by the blister on the Queen's forehead?

Adultery, I blurted out.

For shame, for shame, he snickered.

The blister stood for harlotry,

and that‚s why the Queen wore bangs.

The stranger laughed

The prof laughed

My stomach hurts.

Let's see — disease imagery

Where? Where?

Act One, scene two

or was that scene three?

He‚s doing it — all in one hour —

It‚s almost eleven

faster — faster

My mixer was running

at full speed,

and I had produced six pages of scrambled eggs.