Good Life


why is it every time u kiss me u make me dizzy..........from the very 1st time

why do I forget about the whole world when I’m with u

Its been 635 days since u kissed me.....n not a day has passed without u in my mind.....why

every morning I wake up...n I think of u....why

every night before I go sleep....I think of u...why

I don’t even remember my dreams because all I think of is u

no matter how much I keep busy u keep pestering me whatever I do....u keep popping up in my head

what kind of madness is that??? I can’t do anything!

All I want is u, nothing else but u

u make me smile from inside out

all I have to do is hear your voice, get your text or see u n I’m happy beyond words

I wish I could die before we have to part.... because I don’t want to know how it feels like knowing

I’m not with u

I feel so much pain with thought of not being with am I suppose to live without u

u complete me....I cant even say I love u anymore.... because what I feel for u is beyond that

what am I suppose to do u do it .....I want to be like u.....switch off like