Good Life

You’ve taught us well

You’ve showed us not to fear,

And never asked why if we told you, you would cry,

No matter how far we go you’re always near,

Prepared us for life and what we don’t necessarily need to buy,

Strong roots are essential to a solid, sturdy, strong, tree,

You’ve encouraged us to become anything we want to be,

Fed us on your dreams,

Firsts, schools, parties, games, dances life’s great answers never deprived so it seems,

Because these experiences is how we’ve all come to be the grateful people we deem to be,

Sure we’ve made mistakes but never regretted,

It’s nothing to be sweated the past is just a good-bye,

Not knowing what lies ahead but we can apply,

This what we were taught to live by,

To teach our children well,

Like you’ve taught us to impel.