Good Life

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is to honor our veterans

Who fought for the red ,white and blue

For the lifestyles,we all enjoy today

Dear Veterans,we owe it all to you

Let's all give thanks and say a prayer

For our veterans of foreign wars

Who fought to keep our country free

In the air ,on the seas and the shores

Because they loved their country

Their lives, they risk ,to save

Without their devotion,we may not be free

And our flag, may no longer wave

To defend us from our enemies

They endured the fear and pain

Away from loved ones ,in a foreign land

Where bombs and bullets fell like rain

Some came back sick and wounded

While others never returned alive

Because of their bravery and courage

The U.S A. survived

So Veteran's Day is a special day

To thank every veteran for their part

In keeping our nation proud and free

We thank you with all our hearts