Good Life


The colorful leaves turn crispy brown

And drop down from the trees

They dance across the landscape

In the chilly atumn breeze

As the morning frost covers the ground

With white crystals everywhere

The orange pumpkins have all been taken away

And the trees are looking bare

As the Christmas shoppers flock to the stores

Football season is winding down

Grocery store ads for turkeys

Are in papers in every town

November is the month for giving thanks

And on Thanksgiving Day

Families get together to celebrate

In their own traditional way

The Thanksgiving feast that we enjoy

Dates back to prilgrims, many years ago

To give thanks for their fall harvest

From the spring seeds that they sow

In November the scenery is not as colorful

As some other months of the year

But we all have something to be thankful for

If just for the fact,that we're all still here