Good Life

Thanksgiving Day

You're only one of many who

Were called to go away,

But you're the one we're glad has come

Back home to us today.

The Holidays are over and

We've had them all before,

But now that you're back home with us

They mean a whole lot more.

Yes, "Peace on Earth" is just a dream,

But you have done your share

To try to make that dream come true

By going over there.

It's pretty clear that peace can't come

While men are still not able

To get together and agree

On the shape of a table.

And now the New Year's going to bring

A brand new life to you.

You'll readjust to all the old

And forge into the new.

Our prayers have all been answered and

No matter what they say,

Pay no attention to the date --

This is our Thanksgiving Day!

January 4, 1969