Good Life

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas

I was cold and alone

I sat on a park bench

Without any home

As the stars twinkled brightly

My eyes shed a tear

And I thought in amazement

How did I get here

I once had it all

A home,job and wife

And then I tried drugs

And it cost me my life

As I sat there and cried

An old man appeared

He was dressed all in red

With a fluffy white beard

He said (I'm here to help you)

With a smile on his face

No one should spend Christmas

Out here in this place

He got me some food

And a warm place to stay

And he left me this message

As he walked away

People's lives can be ruined

By pills,needles and mugs

So please stop and think

Before you drink or do drugs

And as I awoke

I let out a scream

Thank God,for me

It was only a dream