Good Life

Christmas Eve

I stood out on the front porch

As the snow fell,Christmas Eve

Then what I saw above me

I couldn't quite believe

There was a tiny little sleigh

Pulled by eight tiny little deer

And the driver was an old guy

With a red suit and white beard

As he landed on the roof top

I ran inside the house

I hid behind the couch

And was quiet as a mouse

I could hear noise on the roof top

And the next thing I did see

He slid right down the chimney

And walked to the Christmas tree

The tree lights were shinning brightly

As he opened his big sack

And it was filled with presents

All neat and carefully wraped

He placed them all beneath the tree

With not much time to spend

And before my eyes could blink

He was quickly gone again

As I stumbled up the stair steps

And crawled into my bed

The vision of the old man

Remained inside my head

I crawled out of bed next morning

And down the steps I raced

And underneath the Christmas tree

Were the gifts,the old man placed

I still believed it was all a dream

My parents placed them there with love

Then I saw his sooty footprints

Still remaining on the rug